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Body Massage

Swedish Massage:
Classic massage will ease your muscles and encourage relaxation. We use a variety of sweeping and kneading techniques.
Deep Tissue Massage :
Deep penetrating therapeutic massage incorporates stretching, compression and cross fiber friction to stimulate and loosen tight muscles.
Prenatal Massage:
Designed for relaxation it will also work out stress and address water retention. This massage will help soothe, comfort and relax your body. Not recommended during the first trimester

Junior Therapist Senior Therapist
30 minutes: $45 30 minutes: $50
60 minutes: $80 60 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $115 90 minutes: $120

Hot Stone Therapy: 60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $120
Massage with heated basalt stones, stimulates circulatory system, enhances relaxation

Ear Candling: 30 minutes $45
Natural treatment that can alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches, sinus conditions or ear infections, minor hearing loss and vertigo due to excessive wax build up.

Body Treatments

Navii’s Signature Body Treatment  (90 minutes) $115
Complete body rejuvenation with multi-headed Vichy shower treatments; relieve your skin of toxins after your body is smothered in marine mud.

Sea Holistic Lavender Treatment  (60 minutes) $115
Thai-inspired massage treatment focuses on your well-being and ultimate relaxation. Indulge in our pressure points manipulation therapy with lavender flowers and salt crystals in a bolus to promote maximum results.

Treasure of the Sea Treatment  (60 minutes) $90
Relaxation with extraordinary remineralizing benefits. Lymphatic drainage techniques help cleanse the body. Let a wave of well-being wash over you.

Spa Peeling  (60 minutes) $85
A wonderful full body exfoliant. This treatment is done with our vichy shower leaving your body relaxed, your skin moisturized and silky smooth.

Contouring/Anti-Cellulite  (60 minutes) $85.00
A seaweed gel boosts metabolism and encourages the breakdown of fat. Recommended during weight loss or for anyone looking to kick start their metabolism.

Firming Treatment  (60 minutes) $85
Wrapped in concentrated minerals, your skin is immediately firmed, toned and moisturized. Perfect as an anti-aging program, after weight loss, or post pregnancy.

Detoxifying Body Treatment  (60 minutes) $85
Recommended anytime or at the beginning of a series. Helps counteract the effect of sun exposure, environmental pollutants, stretch marks and improves overall elasticity.