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Tracey Gobla talks about hair loss.


My Thoughts On Hair Loss

I recently began a new chapter in my Hairdressing career. I became certified in the Karen Gordon Method of Hair and Scalp Analysis (KGHL) and The John Renau Blending Method for hair piece additions or Hairtoppers as a response to topical hair loss. This is an issue I have become thoroughly acquainted with through my many years in the hair and fashion industry.

Hair loss is a deep concern for many, as I am constantly being asked about scalp issues and hair loss. As I have tracked the tremendous growth in this field, I invariably see misinformation being advocated on multiple platforms. Many believe there is nothing that can be done, (which is not necessarily correct) or they aren’t sure who to trust and even where to begin.

I am now available and equipped to offer in-depth private consultations. When looking at hair and scalp issues its always best to begin with a comprehensive analysis into the possible root causes. By narrowing the probable cause(s) it is easier to identify what options for treatment(s) may be available. It is usually advised that this should be done prior to the purchase and use of any hair loss products, scalp treatments, laser devices or nutritional supplements. The use of any one of these treatments, may in fact, serve to only exacerbate the problem or at the very least do nothing.

The Consultation 

Hair Loss Treatment

The consultation will begin with the client responding to a questionaire to help determine any factors that may be contributing to the current hair or scalp condition.

Next, using an instrument known as a tricoscope, magnified images of the hair follicles and scalp are downloaded onto a computer to be further analyzed. These images will help to identify a possible plan of action and create a client history with a reference point to better track their progress.

Hair Addition or Hair Topper

The consultation proceeds with an overall assessment and recording of the client’s individual characteristics and measurements, such as head size, for overall integration, hair color and style of the Hair Topper. These are crucial for the confidence and self- image of the client moving forward.

Finally, there will be a discussion pertaining to the proper care of the Hair Topper. It is essential to remember that these are made with real human hair, so a proper maintenance routine will only increase its vital look and longevity.

Appointments & Fees

Consultations may be scheduled, by appointment only, on Tuesdays and Fridays by calling 219.865.6515. A credit card and 50% deposit is required to reserve your appointment. A one-hour consultation fee is $95. My standard policy requires a 48hour cancellation notice with full charge to your credit card for a no call/ no show.

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Creative Haircutting Salon Workshop


Navii salon had an amazing two day cutting course with Alex Ioannou from Chicago, IL. We challenged our self with some creative trending cutting techniques. Alex has such a great teaching style, we learned so much and refreshed our general cutting style. It’s always great spending time as a team discussing  techniques and shapes. We laughed a lot at some of our habits and learned so much. We are always looking for the best way to be leaders in our industry.

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Hairstyling Photoshoot With Dramatic Lighting


Tracey had the opportunity to work with her photographer buddy, Jean Sweet. Together they planned a creative photo shoot with dramatic lighting and gels. Tracey choose her client, Stammy to be the model. Tracey multi- colored Stammy’s  hair with panels of deep red, brown and mahogany colors. With the use of a fan, Tracey photographed this dramatic look.

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Movement, Meditation and Conversations


By: Carrie Waller

In Reverence of Lake Michigan

“Gratitude bestows reverence . . . changing forever how we experience life and the world.” ~ John Milton ~

If you’ve spent any amount of time around Lake Michigan, you know the lake’s magic can carve out a special place in your heart and calls you back again and again. I grew up in the beachside town of Michigan City, IN. After college I moved away but many years later moved to Chicago. One summer evening I was on a crowded CTA bus heading northbound on Lake Shore Drive looking out at the lake. The setting sun turned the color of the water to a shade of blue that spurred a deep sense memory for me. That shade of blue was unique to Lake Michigan, at least in my brain’s catalogue of colors. And it brought back a rush of wonderful memories.

Last summer I spent time at Beachwalk, a lively beachside vacation community in Michigan City. The lake called to me again and asked,

How about a yoga retreat here? I answered, yes.

In partnership with Bloom Yoga Studio*, we began planning for an August Beachwalk Retreat and an idea came to me to offer a nighttime restorative yoga practice on the beach under the stars. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to offer a guided meditation incorporating some of the geological story of the lake. It could be an offering of reverence to Lake Michigan – a kind of prayer of gratitude. So, I started doing some research and began writing.

We all learn in grammar school that the Great Lakes were formed by glaciers that gouged out deep basins that filled with water and became what we now know as the Great Lakes. I think most of us appreciate that the lakes are very young geologically, only about 10,000 years old. But I didn’t realize the stones and sand that form the lake’s foundation are 300-400 million years old. They were originally formed in northern North America and carried down and deposited during multiple ice ages. Now every time I hold a lake stone in my hand, I marvel at its age and wonder how it survived for hundreds of millions of years compared to my short time on earth. It brings special meaning to the Mary Oliver quote, “Each stone is a tiny church locked up tight.”

While humans have sadly and dramatically damaged the lake’s ecosystem, there is still such beauty there. I’m hopeful that with awareness and the right actions we can revive the Great Lakes. I’m grateful this retreat will generate only a minimal carbon footprint. No jet fuel is needed to get us there, it’s just a short drive from Chicago to Michigan City. We’ll enjoy locally grown food, and we’ll keep it simple.

If you are interested in joining the retreat, a few spots are still open. It will be a small, intimate group. I hope you’ll join me under the stars for a guided meditation in reverence of Lake Michigan, morning yoga on the beach, long walks along miles of unobstructed shoreline, and the company of a wonderful group of individuals. How blessed we are to have this magical piece of nature right in our backyard.


Recommended reading about the Great Lakes:

• The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas, Jerry Dennis

• The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, Dan Egan

• A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach: One Woman’s Trek of the Perimeter of Lake Michigan, Loreen Niewenhuis


* Special thanks to Julia Means, Studio Manager at Bloom, who has worked so hard organizing this retreat.

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Fashion Trend for Winter 2021


Hairstyle and Fashion Makeover. Tracey, owner of Navii Salon Spa, found Hailey working at Costco one day. She thought Hailey was so cute she invited her to be her model for a photoshoot. Tracey did a total makeover on her hair. She colored Hailey’s hair with a bleach and toner process using Davines Hair Color. Tracey then created a haircut that softly frames her face with layering that gives Hailey many styling options. Tracey chose fashion trending clothing colored with neutral tones. A body suit was paired with a trendy knit long pencil skirt.

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Jessica gets a new cut!


Our stylist Shannon created this Bob haircut for her client Jessica. Shannon commented, “This girl’s smile is out of this world! And her hair is pretty cute too.”

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